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Bunny trouble

The funny thing about advice, when you're someone who - like me - knows everything, is that who exactly does this person think they are telling me what to do??? Do you know who is the boss of me? NO ONE. Heck... I'm rarely even the boss of me - just pinballing through life hoping to not get too dinged up.

Once all the delicious veggies were placed with love (and a lot of deals with the cosmos that they weren't going to be too squished together) in my garden boxes, I was feeling P R E T T Y proud of myself. Marcel was pretty proud of me too. He showed his mom and our neighbor Maggie all of my fine work.

The funny thing about your elders is that they probably know something about the advice they're giving you. And they're probably giving it to you because they want you to succeed.

I don't really care for advice because to me it sounds like "you did this wrong and you're going to fail." Even when what they're actually saying is "you should probably put up a fence so the bunnies don't get to the crops you've worked so hard to plant and are so proud of." What do they know, anyways?

Well... they know that if you plant delicious baby veggies and don't put up a fence, a rabbit is probably going to come along and nibble them all to hell! I can't really say I was devastated because... ya know... I'd been told. But I was annoyed. So I went back out to Home Depot and picked up some 3' chicken wire and some stakes.

Installing the fence was not the prettiest thing I have ever done - neither in construction nor in physicality. It was a lot more like exercise than I had ever imagined and after about 37 squats with added staple gun hand exercises, I had a fence. Or something like it.

The good news is that I learned a very valuable lesson: ZIP TIES ARE A GIFT FROM THE DIVINE CREATOR AND NO MAN, WOMAN, OR CHILD SHOULD EVER BE WITHOUT THEM! Praise be unto whatever. Those things are the best and I have already thought of about 1,000 more projects which I can accomplish with zip ties, least of which was reattaching the bumper to Marcel's car so it doesn't fall off when he goes over a bump.

The other good news is that after a few weeks, and some miracle grow (because my garden was actually the saddest, ungrowingest thing I had ever seen before,) my lettuce and broccoli seem to have rebounded and now all my plants are doing ok. We even have a few blossoms on the zucchini and cucumbers, and what looks like flowers trying to form on the tomatoes.

Now I know you guys are probably really stressed out because I used miracle grow on my veggie garden. Newsflash: I don't even know where my fruits and vegetables were grown before now. I work for a non-profit. I don't exactly have the-organic-section-of-whole-foods money. Next year I will work a little harder on making sure the soil composition is good and full of yummy nutrients for my plants, but this year it was starting to look like I might not get anything at all.

I'm not going to lie, you guys. I'm not great at this. Also I'm not very good at being nurturing. I am a "survival of the fittest" type of gal. But even with my black thumb, and how much I don't like listening to people's advice, and how much I don't like to futz over my garden...

We're heading up to Vermont for the remainder of the holiday weekend - the place that put this homesteading train on its tracks. I'll take some pictures so you guys can get an idea of exactly why I want to go there and never leave. Have a safe and happy 4th of July. Remember only jerks drink and drive.

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