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The Garden: Year Two Part One

While it may seem like all ducks all the time over at my pretend homestead, we have not forgotten our humble pretend homesteading roots. While ducks make far more interesting photo ops than fledgeling tomato plants, I did not neglect that important part of my second year homestead! Just over a month ago, when I realized that the garlic I had planted last year was finally growing, we decided it was prime time to get the garden underway.

Not only did we plant the garden, I even followed many of the lessons I learned from year one. If you need a refresher on what a bumbleflop my first garden was, you can check out that post here. The most important lessons that I took into consideration this year were 1) only plant what I will use regularly, 2) maximize space but planting things that will produce more than once, and 3) do not over-stuff the garden boxes! On Mother's Day, my ma and I took a ride out to Common Ground (an awesome college-prep charter school, urban farm and environmental learning center in New Haven) to get our seedlings. Someday I may start my garden from seed but for now, paying a little bit more to support an organization I believe in, sounds good to me!

This season I will be growing tomatoes, lunchbox bell peppers, pickling cucumbers, mixed leaf lettuce and, apparently, garlic. I tried to give everything plenty of space, keeping the one plant or less per square foot rule of thumb.

I also buried the drip irrigation hose under the soil in a loop around each plant. Now I simply turn on the hose, set the timer, and let it go. The timer I'm using this year was $7, is not fancy, and is working about 1,000 times better than the expensive electronic one I bought last year that only worked for a week. Set it and forget it is how I roll. Because I forget everything.

So you'll notice, I'm sure, because you're a very SMRT reader that this post is dated June 25, 2018. WHAT? But it's August!!! Well... that's because my life exploded and I forgot to ever come back and hit send on this baby. That's why I made this a Part One of Two. Because (SPOILER ALERT) the garden is fine but ya know... not great.

So until next time... here's a picture of my ducks drinking water from a hose!

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