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The Garden: Year Two Part Two

I GOT A NEW JOB YOU GUYS! It's my second week and it's awesome and I'm actually able to write and create things all the time and I love it. It's been a great reminder that I absolutely must spend more time writing and creating in my own sphere as well.

So here I am with part two of my annual garden update. I'm going to make this one a quickie because really... who cares, am I right? Except gardening enthusiasts. But they probably don't follow this blog because it doesn't contain any helpful information about gardening for anyone who has any idea of what they're doing. It's more of a cautionary tale...

The garden of someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

So when I last left you in June (read: published in August), I had followed all (most of) my rules and everything was going GREAT. And it did go great this time, really. Except the one rule I didn't follow as well as I should have: don't be a lazy bum! If you look at the lettuce and it needs to be harvested, just harvest the damn lettuce. Don't let it grow and grow and grow and GROW until it becomes this weird lettuce tree that wilts immediately after you cut it. Don't do that! And the worst part is that I somehow neglected to snap a photo of my ridiculous lettuce patch. I basically looked like this guy in every way. I totally stole this photo without his knowledge or permission. I'm more of a "it's better to apologize than ask permission" type. You can read his blog here, which is my apology for stealing his content. It sounds like he did the same thing I did.

Alright - the lettuce wasn't my shining moment but I will say that my cucumbers are going gangbusters to the point that I have already made 10 quarts of pickles and am ready to do a second batch. Our fridge is basically just jars of pickles right now, which is fine with me. This season's pickle making went far better than last season's (i.e. they're edible) but also not without issue. Marcel made me document the process again so I could write another post. I will probably hold off until I tweak the recipe so that if I like my second batch more, I can share what I did.

Remember those sweet, little, nicely spaced tomato plants from my last post?

Remember those sweet, nicely spaced little tomato plants?

Well, they're completely overgrown tomato monsters now. What I thought was plenty of space turned out to just be too many tomato plants. But, it is better than last year because at least I'm getting a few red ones already. The beefsteaks are doing the best but are completely growing out of control everywhere. The plum tomatoes are doing alright but aren't turning red quite yet.

I'm actually having tomatoes for lunch. Just a bowl full of tomatoes.

Because there are hundreds of them. And they're delicious!

My lunchbox peppers had a very slow start but it seems like they have finally decided they would try to give me something. While it is difficult for the little guys because they're being absolutely choked out by tomatoes, I did pull one pepper yesterday and there is another little guy on the plant so we shall see. These may be in a pot next year.

As for the basil, I did an ok job killing it and bringing it back to life 1,000 times and am about to pull it all and dry it. I have never dried my own herbs, but it doesn't exactly look like rocket science.

Has seen better days... but making the bumbles very happy!

So there we have it! My garden was less of a nightmare but I still have such a long way to go. I think the answer is to have more garden. I'm not sure if Marcel is going to agree but... we all know what happens when I decide to do something...

The summer is coming to an end, which is weird because I have no idea where I've been for the last two months (oh yeah in my offices trying to make everything not implode) but I will try to get back at it with a pickle post and a gratuitous duck check in.


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