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I mean... I changed the title to my blog because The Pretend Homestead was feeling too restrictive of the person I am (becoming?). The idea of TPH grew out of a feeling of stagnation and grasping for control over my own life and destiny. I created a grand plan in my head of running away to Vermont and starting a farm. But over the last two years so much has changed: a new job, the loss of my best friend (dog), a new puppy who totally turned my life upside down, a FREAKING PANDEMIC that has allowed me to get a taste of my work from home dream. Oh... and lots and lots and LOTS of therapy! And with all that change around me, I've changed a lot too.

The Pretend Homestead was a stop-gap measure to fill my time until I could figure out what was next, but as my life is evolving, I'm realizing that my love of planning for the future is actually a tactic to ignore the present and all the things that I don't love about it. And I think TPH helped me with that in its own way... giving me an outlet to try new things, learn some stuff, find out what I like and don't like about farming (Newsflash: I hate gardening.) So, I'm throwing the plan out the window. It's time to H*ck the Itinerary.

This is not to say I don't want to move to Vermont and start a hobby farm. I TOTALLY WANT TO DO THAT. And soon. But I also don't want to pigeon-hole what I can share and what comes next for us. A few months ago I started an Instagram for Huckleberry (@ohhhuck) and it has been such a fun, wild ride. I've made new friends (I mean... Huck has made new friends...), I've learned about growing a social media following and what I DON'T want to be in the online realm. I see H*ck the Itinerary as a natural extension of that. I'll be starting a Master's program at the end of August in Interactive Media (or Doctor of Facebook Sciences as Marcel calls it) and I'd love to use this platform as well as the accompanying IG account (@huck_the_itinerary) to put what I've learned about running a (hopefully) successful digital media campaign directly into good use. And the best part is that, unlike TPH or my @ohhhuck IG, I won't be limited to one topic. Dog stuff, decorating stuff, home stuff, Vermont stuff, state park stuff, NATIONAL PARK STUFF? Hiking while fat? Definitely. Current events. Pandemic fashion. Fighting the CONSTANT urge to get hand tattoos. Trying to strike a comfortable balance between being a lunatic introvert and a totally badass take names and change the world viking...

I don't know where this adventure will take me. I have scrapped the plan in order to bring you, and me, an authentic message of hope, adventure, perseverance, and making the best of whatever we have. And, most of all, I hope to make you laugh. I hope to be my very real, open self. So let's go ahead, h*ck the itinerary, and get into some trouble. Because I've always wanted to be a Tenenbaum.

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