• Jenny Dupre

Do a montage, but make it super depressing.

February was a very tough month for me. It always is. It's cold. Dark. I'm tired of winter. But this year I got to add the monotony and isolation that pandemic life offers on top of run-of-the-mill seasonal depression. This was still fresh in my mind when tasked to create a video montage in my audio & video class.

Isolation is a funny thing. Not funny ha ha. More funny like... tragic. Isolation is a tragic thing. I think it's easy to get caught up in routines and not even realize you're becoming isolated until it's already happened.

My original idea for the video was to show the character (played by yours truly because why would I enlist the help of someone else when I can just do it ALL by myself??) over the course of several days, never deviating from the routine.

Like everything I have ever done, at some point, I realized my original plan was way too grand and involved. During the editing process, I decided to pivot to show just one day but in detail. The slow, monotonous pace I was aiming for would have been ruined if I tried to cram too much into the montage. I do think there is a way to realize my original idea, but not in 3.5 minutes, and not with my rudimentary skills. Perhaps I can come back to this another time. Or, maybe it's fine as it is.

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