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It's a bouncing, baby PODCAST

For my first assignment in my Audio & Video course, I had to create a podcast. This was super exciting because I LOVE podcasts. Then I realized that meant I'd have to write an episode, record it, and edit it. Holy anxiety, Batman!

The writing and even the recording process were fine. Those things feel pretty in my wheelhouse given all my experience writing content and on stage (as a youngin', but still... proper annunciation is like riding a bicycle.)

Editing was daunting, to say the least. First of all, I had to learn the editing software, Audacity. Or... learn it well enough to get by. Audacity is a free audio editing software so if you want to try your hand at audio recording but don't want to pay, go give it a download! Let me just say, no one should have to listen to their own voice for hours on end. It was torture.

Sadly, the hardest part, and what I am trying to combat by sharing the episode here on my personal accounts instead of just privately for school, is my lifelong battle with imposter syndrome. Listening to my own story, played back into my headphones over and over... the doubts started to creep in. Why would anyone want to what you have to say? You don't know what you're talking about.

But you know what? I do know what I'm talking about. Because I picked a topic that I am VERY familiar with... why it is important to do breed research before adopting or buying a puppy. When we adopted Huck in August of 2019, I learned so quickly everything that I didn't know about Australian Cattle Dogs. And I cried. And we walked. And I cried. And we walked. And I tried to train him to not bite. And I cried. And I wondered if we were THOSE PEOPLE who got a dog who was totally wrong for our lifestyle. Fortunately, I decided that we would need to adjust our lifestyle, not get rid of our puppy.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as stubborn as I am. According to the ASPA, 3.3 Million dogs end up in shelters every year. Understanding breed traits and characteristics may help potential owners choose the correct dog for their lifestyle, and help limit the number of dogs who are abandoned every year.

I may not be an expert on dogs or breed characteristics, but I sure am an expert on Huckleberry and how the first few months of our relationship could have gone more smoothly. I hope you enjoy the podcast!

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