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It's time to learn how to smize...

What is smizing? Smiling with your eyes, of course. Coined by Tyra Banks on Next Top Model, smizing is officially now more important than ever.

Why? Because the CDC has made the recommendation that we wear non-medical cloth masks when going in public. And, at least in Connecticut, the government has said you must be wearing a mask in public buildings. When I drafted this, it felt very weird to not be able to see people's mouths. Now, about two weeks later, it feels very normal and I am not sure I ever want to see anyone's dirty mouth in public ever again.

*that's TWO Tyra Banks nods in one homesteading blog post...

I've been struggling with what types of things to share on my blog. It is of the utmost importance that I only share real information, especially during a time when there is so much confusing, contradictory information on the internet about COVID-19 (and everything else for that matter.) I wanted to share a recipe for DIY hand sanitizer, but upon doing some further research, I found the same number of websites saying don't make hand sanitizer as those saying that you can, and they literally all point to the CDC as their evidence.

But today I DO want to share with you the CDC's recommendation to wear a non-medical cloth face mask, helpful instructions on how to make 3 types of masks - two of which are no-sew, and my own quick photo tutorial. You can find the CDC page here. This is probably old news by now but... I was very hot to trot on writing this and then got completely sidetracked by life and never sent it out. AND, please remember to LEAVE THE MEDICAL MASKS TO THE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS and other frontline people. If you're lucky like me and only need to go out to the grocery store and to put gas in your car every three weeks... just make one.

Marcel and I are still wearing our DIY no-sew face masks when we go in public, and they seem to work alright. I'd give them a 4 out of 10 on the face mask comfort rating index (by the way the most comfortable face mask can only possibly be a 7 our of 10 because anything more comfortable than that is not wearing a face mask.) And I know that some places are still slow to adopt these recommendations as rule of law, so I figure it's never too late to share good advice.

My ma adds that if it feels too snug, you can add a second set of elastics. Marcel picked out his own bandana and now refuses to upgrade to a sewn one because he claims none will be as good. I can't say I disagree, really.

So here we have it... Fashion in the time of COVID-19. I've been doing the bandana around my neck thing for a long time, but this takes it up a notch. I just pretend we're all train robbers in the wild wild west while I'm meticulously following every social distancing protocol in Stop & Shop. Stay healthy, friends!

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