• Jenny Dupre

Make it do or do without.

When Henry passed away last May, my whole world stopped. The funny thing about depression is sometimes you don't know you're depressed until you're on the other side of it. And now, just as I'm getting my feet back under me emotionally, the entire world has been catapulted into fear, anxiety, and chaos. I hope every one of you is doing your best to stay home and taking care of your own mental and physical health during this pandemic.

I, for one, have been living my best life. It doesn't hurt that I have been emotionally preparing for a species altering viral pandemic since the first time I read The Hot Zone 20 years ago. (The first time of many that I have read that book.) Of course, I would prefer if I could be living out my anti-social work from home dream under different circumstances...

I feel like a few friends have suggested this would be a perfect time to jump back into blogging. I have to admit that I struggle with this because why would any of you care what I have to say when the world is going off the rails? But what I can say is that this pandemic has only cemented my opinion that we all need to be learning how to take small, or maybe large, steps toward sustainability.

Two weeks ago I went to the grocery store to find no meat and no eggs. In Stop & Shop. In Southington, CT. Not some backwater five and dime, but a major grocer in a large New England town sold out of all animal protein except turkey loin. Because apparently the American public doesn't consider turkey a valid option except on Thanksgiving. So we bought some turkey and said "well... make it do or do without." And when I got home, I found out the ducks had started laying and that little bit of panic I was feeling, because everyone else was acting on it, faded just a little. I can make my own food. And I can make food out of that food. And I can make my own hand sanitizer too. AND I DID.

So, over the next few weeks I promise I'll pop in and keep you guys in the loop about how we're riding out the pandemic on The Pretend Homestead, which these days is feeling a little less pretend and a little more "thank goodness I figured this stuff out already." I'll share the things I have learned, and hope to learn along the way. And if you have any topics you want to discuss, or pretend homesteading advice you want to share, let me know!

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